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Long time, no post! Wow, where did the month of January went? I still can’t believe how crazy the start of the year was and still is, right now. I was actually busy with my new job right before the year started. What I initial planned of taking on a part-time job just turned full-time. And now, I’m in a process of partnering with some friends in building our own company. Just when I thought I’m ready to put my career in the back sit, I ended up venturing in a new adventure. LOL!

Surprisingly, I’m actually laughing despite my again busy schedule. I guess when you get the chance to rest, reflect and re-focus your goal; you tend to face new challenges in a more positive attitude. Then rough road seems like a walk in the park.

On a different note, Hubby and I just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary last January 31! Happy Anniversary Hubby! As always, the unromantic us didn’t do anything special. The shameless me actually worked the whole day then hit the sack as soon as we got home. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. I did pick him up at work, ordered pizza and pasta on our way home and eat with the kids. Then I hit the sack. The Hubby didn’t complain a bit since he had some deadlines to meet that night as well.

I think because our anniversary is close to Valentine’s Day and my birthday that we kind of got used to letting it slide and just celebrate all 3 occasion on a much later and convenient day. Usually, that would be my birthday.

I remember before, anniversary was such a big deal for me in terms of celebration. I always try to plan ahead of time and make him agree in doing things he would normally not do. But come THE DAY, none will materialize because I was too upset that he doesn’t like any of my plans and him too mad at me for forcing him to do things that he doesn’t like. But the funny part is, at the end of THE DAY, we seem to find a way to save the day and the love.

Speaking of Hubby, I was watching this Korean drama called Naughty Kiss last week and the male lead character totally reminded me of how unromantic my Hubby can be. I think high IQ tends to make people overly analytical that they tend to look for logic in everything including giving flowers to their wives. There is this particular episode in the drama that reminded me of a very similar instance that happen 5 years ago – The girl trying to act cool despite how upset she was that her husband is so not into celebrating her special day. On the other hand, the guy tries for the first time to do something romantic for his wife but gets in all sort of trouble.

Here’s the clip that I was taking about,

while this is a picture of us on that particular day I was referring to…


I was so happy and surprised that day that I actually cried…

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