I have all this wonderful things that I’m planning of posting, today. But when I got home, our locks were missing and there’s a light inside the apartment. I knew even before I got inside that something bad happened. Sure enough, when I went to our bedroom, this is what I saw:


Yes, someone broke in our apartment, rummage through our drawers and took some valuables including the Flip videocam that’s inside that box.

I’m mad…

…because that #@%$ Flip video is just a week old, a gift from a friend. And worst part of it is I still haven’t transferred the video of Tok’s FIRST laughter and the FIRST time he turn from his back to his tummy. Oh, should I also add the lost videos of the Princess performing her latest song and dance. Grrrrrhhh! I’m getting madder by the second.

…because my wonderful camera was also taken, leaving me with absolutely nothing to use to capture my babies’ moments. Of course, there’s always the worst part…I haven’t finish paying for it. @@#%$%!

…because the rent money and the dollars I keep inside my drawers were also taken.

…because the F#@##$ing robber managed to used one of hubby’s credit card. Hubby left it home thinking that it’s still inactive, but unfortunately is not. Now, we have to add that on our next bill.

…because police won’t be able to help us as much. Sure there will be a report about this, but we can kiss those cash and gadgets goodbye.

…because most of what was taken, I usually bring with me to work, but for some reason didn’t….Should I start blaming myself, now?

It’s sad…

…because hubby love that video cam.

…because I really, really love that digicam.

…because the lost cash would have covered Toki’s Christening.

…because it’s gonna be my birthday next week and we can’t have Toki baptized on that same day because we don’t have the money for it.

…because the next few months will be a little tight budgeted.

Thanks goodness…

…he didn’t find my engagement ring and my jewelries. He must have thought that everything inside my jewelry box were just beadworks and silvers.

…hubby took half of the cash with him to pay last month’s bills. At least every things paid.

…we were not home. With two babies with us, it’ll be hard to fight the robber/s.

…(according to hubby) the robber got something, otherwise he’ll probably get mad and tear the house apart.

…I can still sit here and blog…an indication that things aren’t as bad as it seems.

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