School Time

First Day of SchoolThe Little Princess has official joined the student force. We’ve been really business around here making adjustments with our schedules but things are working out well.

Although we enrolled her in a trial class last summer, I was still a bit worried that she’ll start crying again once the official class starts in June.  In her trial class back in the summer, it was a one on one class and just an hour long, but this time it’ll be a room full of other kids and I’m worried that she won’t be able to socialize well.

To my surprise, she actually did really well. As soon as she step inside the room, she never look back. She just wave goodbye and went straight to her chair. She sits quietly while her teacher try to keep everyone else in order (mostly the moms really). It was funny to watch other first time school moms that day. Everyone was giving the teachers instructions about their kids, while others are busy taking pictures and asking questions…I think the class got delayed because of it. lol!

Anyway, I’m really proud of my princess who overcome her fear of people. And she’s definitely enjoying school and talks nothing else but what she did at school. She also behaves well at home now. Not too much jumping around. Instead, she’s busy writing or coloring or telling stories about her school, classmates and the songs she learned that day.

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