School Trip

Fieldtrip with KiIt’s been so long since the last time Ki and I spent a whole day to ourselves, so she was really looking forward to spending the day with me last Friday on their school trip.

We started the day early since I had to prepare our food. Nothing fancy. A few chips and juices and spaghetti filled with hotdog and cheese. Ki’s favorite. Since kids’ field trip often have a lot of stop with stores nearby, I figure we can just buy more later if what we had were not enough. Plus it saves us from bringing too much containers.

The Princess was obviously excited about the trip because when I woke her up, she immediately stood up without a fuss and immediately went to the bathroom to take a bath. She was worried that the bus man might leave us behind if she doesn’t hurry.

So off we went to the meeting place and, just like last year, we were the first to arrive. We’re even earlier than the tour guides and teachers. I would normally get irritated by the fact that the teachers were not earlier than us (we came 10 minutes earlier), but the Princess was high-spirited, so I was cool with it. The other parents on the other hand were not too forgiving.  One dad was ranting the entire time we were standing by the bus.

Anyway, we have 4 destinations for the day – Air Force Museum, Bio-research Lost Eden Education Park, Gardenia Factory and Storyland in Alabang.

First stop is the Air Force Museum.

I had some doubt about this one at first. “Not another military museum“, I thought. Last year, we went to the Arm Force of the Philippines Museum and I spent the entire tour carrying the Princess who was too scared to go near the mannequins.

Luckily, there’s not much mannequins here and more planes and diorama instead of military uniforms. Here’s the Princess posing for the camera:

Next stop is the Bio Research’s Lost Eden Educational Park.

I’m not really familiar with this park. The only thing I know about Bio Research is it’s an pet store and they have branches in almost every mall I know. But obviously, there’s more. Lost Eden is a pet shop, plant nursery, hatchery and zoo, all in one place. Filipino Traveler has a nice article about the place entitled “Bio Research’s Lost Eden: An oasis in the south of Metro Manila


Our 3rd stop is at Gardenia for a Plant Tour

No pictures of this tour as they strictly prohibits taking photographs inside the plant. We were even asked to turn off our phones before we can start the tour. I normally find plants tours boring when I was a kid, but the Princess had so many questions that I actually enjoyed it this time.

SM Southmall's StorylandLast stop should have been SM Southmall’s Storyland. However, the place is under renovation when we got there. The organizers said that they did made a reservation but unfortunately, the staff their didn’t contacted them regarding the renovation. We ended up doing back to Manila to go to another Storyland, this time located in SM San Lazaro. It’s much smaller than the one in Southmall so after 2 rides, Ki and I decided to just go to a close by arcade and just play a few games instead.

We were suppose to stay until 6pm there before going back to the bus that will take us home but Ki and I had played enough and decided to just stayed in the bus and eat some snack. It’s better that way, too coz we might end up spending more than we should in the arcade if we stay longer…LOL!

At the end of the day, I’d say that it wasn’t the best field trip we had but it doesn’t really matter. “Mommy, I’m happy we’re together” was what the Princess told me before we get off the bus to go home. So no complains from this mommy.

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