Ki at 23

She’s 23 Month Old Today

Ki is now 23 month. One more month and she’ll be officially two. How time flies! I’m happy to say that she’s doing a lot better lately. As soon as she got well from her cough, we tried to reintroduce her to Toki and she was great. Of course, the progress was a little slooooow, but I think she’s really starting to embrace her big sister role. Because she is more communicable these past few days that we were able to determine what she really wants, what we were doing wrong, and how to handle things.

Here’s some of what the outspoken princess has to say:

Put the baby back, mommy.

This is Ki’s request to me when we tried to explain to her that the baby is Toki, which use to be inside mommy’s tummy. She wants me to put him back inside me so she can hide it under my shirt…lol! Not that simple honey.

Anyway, we do admit that we handled the first week badly, and have somewhat put aside Ki’s needs to attend to the baby. Now a days, we make sure that when I am attending to the baby, daddy is attending to Ki and vice versa.

Ako naman! My turn!

I think the worst mistake that Hubby and I did since we got home from the hospital is telling Ki to wait. Yup! We made her wait for so long she started throwing tantrum. In turn, we started getting irritated and even mad at her.

The other night, I told Ki that I’ll read to her as soon as Toki fell asleep. She calmly waited. An hour later, Toki was still not asleep. I was worried that Ki will throw another tantrum but guess what instead of crying and demanding me to read to her, she calmly told me to give the baby to daddy coz it’s her turn to have mommy. How can I argue with that? Anyway, I did gave the baby to Hubby, then Ki and I have our bedtime story, and every one have a goodnight sleep.

Ako rin! Me too!

Although Ki is starting to warm up to her brother, she still gets jealous often. She wants us to treat her like Toki…you know, holding her bottle for her, rocking her to sleep, carrying her around…and even burping her. lol! She even dare to ask me if I can breastfeed her. I did say yes once and she just smile and kiss my breast. She probably doesn’t get it since I stop breastfeeding her at 3 months (not by choice).

feeding the babyI’ll do it!

So as not to feel left out, we started to let the Princess help out with the baby. Simple things like letting her hold the bottle while he feeds, or asking her to get a diaper really made a big difference. Of course, we have to constantly remind her to be careful as she tend to get too excited and hence rough to the baby.


About her birthday, hubby is suggesting that we give her a Jollibee party since she loves Jollibee but I’m not really sure about that. I’m thinking more of a family outing instead…hmmmmp…we really need to make plans asap.

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