She’s Shy But That’s Okay

shy girlSo I started migrating some of my posts from my e-Pamilya blog site the other day, and so far, I’ve only managed to finish 2 months worth of it.  I was doing it manually, so that’s expected.  Plus, I’m reading through them, so I got caught up reminiscing. LOL!

There’s this one particular post that caught my attention.  It’s about my worries of Ki being a shy kid.  She wasn’t even 2 then, but there I was trying to figure out why she’s so shy as if it’s a disorder of some sort.

Like a lot of other parents, I too mistaken shyness as something negative.  The fact Ki was lively when she’s around her closest family, but turn into this tightly-closed clam when strangers try to engage with her, worried me a lot back then.  I was also a bit confuse if it was really just shyness or if it’s something else.  Back then, I did a lot of reading about helping kids overcome shyness.  But it’s this explanation from Ask Dr. Sears that help me understand my daughter more.

“Some ‘shy’ children are deep-thinking and cautious. They are slow to warm up to strangers. They study that person to see if the relationship is worth the effort.”  

That’s exactly how she is.  I was glad that in my daughter’s case, she is just naturally mild-manner and reserve.  She’s not going to be chatter-box on your first meeting, and she’s not going to do any performance for your enjoyment even if you meet her a couple of times.  BUT she knows when she needs to communicate and she’s very well-behave, so that’s all fine.

Looking at how she is at school, I’m guessing she’ll be a lot like me in the future.  Never volunteering but always ending up being part of group activities. Here’s a recent picture of her at a school trip.  She’s free-spirited outdoors and knows how to enjoy herself.  Just don’t try to approach her first.

Happy Ki


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