Sky Eye at Sky Ranch

The Unplanned Trip to Sky Ranch

It was a long weekend for us last week and with the Hubby finally deciding to take his much deserved time-off from work, I suggested that we go out of town.  Of course, I was thinking we’ll be going around the end of the week, but we ended up going the same day (Tuesday, even before the long weekend started) I told him that I wanted to go on a trip.  We absolutely had no plan.  We just packed some clothes good enough to last for at least 3 days, kids’ essentials, swimwear in case we end up at the beach and a few snacks for the road.  By sunset, we were driving south to the in-laws.

By early morning we head out to check out some of the nearby resorts for a quick dip.  We checked out about 5 resorts before ending up at Villa Julia:

villa julia

As you can see we’re the only people in the pool…no, not just the pool.  We are literally the only people in the place excluding of course the resort crew.  Well, it is after all, the middle of a work week…the joy of having fun while every one else are working!  Work for us can wait later that night. LOL!

How did we end up at Sky Ranch?

The place caught my eyes back in January but it was still under construction back then.  I was thinking that maybe it’s open now and true enough, it got featured on TV the night we arrived at my in-laws  It was a 20-minute ride from my in-law place, so why not.

Sky Ranch opened early March of this year and this 5-hectar leisure park house the tallest Ferris wheel in the country at 63 m or 207 ft with 32 gondolas.

What to do in Sky Ranch?

For a Php 100 admission fee (free for kids below 3ft), you can enjoy the view of Taal at the many gazebos located along the cliff line of the park.  Bringing food inside the park is discouraged, so if you’re planning to have a picnic there, you would have to buy the food from the many food kiosk and restaurant within the vicinity.

Sky Ranch view of Taal

Oh, by the way, there is a separate parking fee of Php 50 that you have to pay for your vehicle.

As soon as you enter the place, the first thing you’ll see are the horses.  Riding Loop charge Php250 for a 30-minutes ride around the course.  It’s our first time to try horseback riding, so I’m not sure if price is cheap or expensive.

horseback riding

Then, there are the kiddie rides:

Sky Fun Rides

We only tried a few but here the complete list of rides:

  • Super Viking – Php 100
  • Sky Jump – Php 80
  • Nessie Coaster – Php 50
  • Mini Pirate Ship– Php 50
  • Wonder Flight – Php 50
  • Red Baron – Php 50
  • Express Train – Php 50
  • Bubble Fun – Php 50
  • Inflatable Play Pen – Php 150/hour (Php 100/30 min – I think there’s also the 15 min rate but can’t remember the rate)
  • And of course, the Sky Eye – P150 per person for 1 round (10 minute ride)


Sky Eye

I honestly think Php150 per person is way to much for a 10-minute ride, so I told the Hubby that we can skip that.  But according to him, there’s no point in going to Sky Ranch if you’re not gonna try the Sky Eye.  Well, true!  After all, everything here we can find somewhere else except for the Ferris Wheel by the cliff…and so we rode and enjoyed the view.

How was the experience?

It was a nice place and the kids had a lot of fun running around and trying out the rides.  However, I personally think the admission fee + parking fee is a bit too expensive.  Like I said, except for the Sky Eye, most of what they offer, you’ll be able to find else where – Ride? Enchanted would be much better. Picnic and view of Taal? Well, you can still enjoy one for a cheaper price at Palace in the Sky.  Horse?  Again, there are other places you can do this.  Food?  You’ll find a lot of them as soon as you walk out of their vicinity.

To be fair, Sky Ranch is still new and there are still a lot of development happening so don’t expect too much when you get their.  Hopefully, it’ll just get better in the future.  As for us, until the time that their more new and unique things to see and do there, I don’t think will be coming back any time soon.

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