Starting Over

Yes, I’m finally starting over with this blog.  It was fun reading all my old posts, mostly re-uploaded from my other old blogs, but it’ time to let them go.  I’ve spent way too long adding old post, that I never got around to write new one… Well, it’ll all change now.  Let’s start!


Bye School! Hello Summer!

School is almost out and we’re busy getting ready for the summer.  This is the time went my kids and I discuss what they want to do over the summer vs. what I want them to do.  Our negotiation will determine how much time they can spend on their gadgets, classes they want to take and what chores they’ll be taking over.  Schedule is important to us, since Hubby and I both work at home.  Without a schedule, the kids will either watch TV all day or playing with their gadgets.

Starting our Homeschool Journey

We’re also getting ready for Ms. Taray’s homeschooling.  I’ll be homeschooling her starting next year for 6th grade.  Hubby finally gave his consent with the condition that we don’t end up fighting over the lessons.  He’s not willing to get stuck in the middle in case we loose our tempers over some lessons.  Gameboy is still undecided were he wants to join his sister or if we’ll continue going to school.  We’ll find out before class starts.

Health Goals

In less than a year, I’ll be in my 40s.  For some reason, I’ve been looking forward to it instead of dreading the idea.  Well, I’ve set a health goal for myself that I’ll be healthier by the time I turned forty.  It’s bye-bye bad habits and hello to daily exercise and better diet.  The last 2 years have been really bad for me.  I was sick a lot of times and my digestion is pretty bad.  This year, I’ve started watching what I eat and is TRYING to exercise more regularly.  I’m taking baby steps but it’s okay.  It’s better than not doing anything at all.




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