Stories From A 4 Year Old

The Princess has been drawing non-stop ever since I showed her that you can make up stories through drawing. I think she already used up a total of 3 sketch pads plus the Little Guy’s drawing pad and my personal sketch pad (which was a little bit more expensive if I may add). I just bought another one this week.  Hopefully it’ll last a little longer since it’s a 100-sheet pad.

While I was browsing through all the drawings, the Princess happily told me what each picture is all about. I turn some of them into comic strips to share here:

The Things I Love To Do

The Things I Love To Do by Princess Ki

Me and My Imaginary Cat

Me and My Imaginary Cat by Princess Ki

I Love My Baby

I Love My Baby by Princess Ki

I love the fact that she’s been drawing nothing but the things she loves. I feel at ease that she’s is such a happy kid.


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