Summer Fun

After all the talk about my writer’s block and how I wanted to try to write more, I’ve logged for 3 weeks before writing anything.  But wait! I have a good reason not to — we’ve been busy with our well-deserve family trips.  It’s summer after all and with the temperature ranging from 33 to 36 degree centigrade, it’ll be a crime not to go somewhere cooler or splash in a nearby pool.

I’ve been waiting for this for so long.  The kids are now big enough for all of us to enjoy a trip.  Yes, all of us including me.  When you go swimming or go out of town with a 1 y/o and 3y/o our 2 and 4, it was usually more stressful than fun ( at least for me).  But now, the kids being able to jump and play in the kiddie pool while I sit close by is just a total bliss.  Of course, it also helps that I have a sister that is  crazy about swimming as my kids.  They can stay out in the pool while I relax in the cottage. LOL!

summer fun

I’m also trying to get the kids to learn how to swim.  Hubby and I loves to swim and used to go swimming often.  Naturally, we want the kids to share the same passion.  Who knows with a little bit more patience, we’ll be able to take them snorkeling or made even scuba diving some day.  Oh, if I’m lucky, we’ll be able to do more outdoor activities (like mountain climbing), too. Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself, now.

Anyway, I feel that this is just a well-deserved break for Hubby and I, who haven’t been able to have fun for a long time.  The Hubby was also very much into the idea of trips lately.  He use to just sleep all day long on weekends and it was hard to convince him to take us out, but lately, he’s actually the one suggesting them and making plans.  We still have a long summer ahead and a lot of friends and relatives visiting from abroad, so I’m sure there’s be more trips to come.   I wonder if we’ll be able to make it up north this year?

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