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Summer of 2016

It’s been almost a month since school started but the fun summer still linger.  This year we managed to accomplished a lot of things over the summer and still wishing that it’s not over.  Here’s a few of our summer first!

Fun in the City

The kids are finally big enough to hold a bowling ball, so we went a few times.  Technically speaking, the balls are still a bit heavy for them but the Princess learned to hold it properly despite the difficulty.  The Little Guy had to throw with 2 hands since it’s too heavy for him to carry with just one hand.  We’ll worry about the form next time.

Summer will not be complete without going to the pool.

And we finally went to Splash Island.  Not much pictures since everyone’s busy swimming and riding the slides!

At Splash Island

And the highlight of our summer – SURFING!




We even got to experience our first camping along the beach


The kids are so much braver now, which is making me nervous.  I think I need to learn basic water rescue for my future surfer boy and surfer girl.

It was just too awesome for us and hopefully we don’t have to wait for the next summer to have another trip!

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