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Summer’s Almost Over In This Part Of The World

summer-kiYup, summer is definitely almost over around here.  May rain shower has started to fall and though it’s still a bit hot most part of the day, there’s always a bit of rain falling down daily.

Summer was a great time for us this year.  We’ve been out and every where most weekends and the kids love it.

The Princess is still tan and will probably be until class start because of all the swimming. The girl just love the water (just like Mommy and Daddy) and was determine to learn to swim before class start.  She did manage to float on her own with the help of a floater on our third trip to the pool and declared that it’s already a big achievement since she’s still a small girl. LOL! That’s a counter statement to her Daddy who wanted her to learn to hold her breathe underwater.

summer-tokiThe Little Guy also had his share of fun in the water. He was 3 and still very much fearless. While his sister was very cautious and easily scared, he was determine to try the big slides that even grown ups as scared to try and was jumping around the pool on his own. He’s also very good with holding his breathe underwater, so I was able to do my laps while he cling on my back. People were fascinated at how he tried to sit up on my back as I swim and when it’s too deep for him to stay afloat would just let himself go underwater with me. Reminds me of the Princess when she was still a fearless 2 years old.

When not in the pool, the kids are busy playing indoors and watching TV. And let’s not forget, helping Mommy with house work.

In less than 2 weeks, it’ll be school time again.  Both kids will now be going in their respective schools.  I’m very much glad that we manage to have a blast this summer.  And I think, we got a little closer with our extended family as well.

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