Award Ceremonies are Simply Not Our Thing

For a typical family attending their kid’s moving up ceremony, the scene would be:

  • Parents and kids all dress up and made up for the occasion, complete with corsages.
  • Non-stop photo-off from the moment they arrive and long after the ceremony’s over. Mind you, they had to take about a dozen pictures of their kids receiving certificates and awards.  Oh, let’s not forget to strike a pose in every corner of the stage.
  • The darling kids smiling and waving as they walk up the stage.

Kinder Toki

Us? Let’s just say we’re the odd ones out.

How do we look? Everyone were dressed up like their going out for a stroll.  There no point in trying to dress up. The less I make a big deal out of this, the more cooperative everyone will be.

Pictures?  I was lucky I even got a picture of the Little Guy looking bored on his sit.  Hubby and the Princess are no help either, since they were both sitting way back of the auditorium (happily enjoying a few moments in dreamland) to even noticed that we were already on stage. Speaking of going up the stage, the Little Guy was happy to go up the first time, but doing it twice is too much for him.  Why didn’t they give everything in one go anyway, right?

The ceremony?  Like I said, Hubby and daughter are both asleep, the Little Guy can’t wait to get out of there, and poor me quietly accept the fact that none of my three darlings will ever care about this kind of ceremonies and recognition.  Well, at least they all still went.  Maybe next time I would have to take them along by force.