Lessons from a 10-Year Marriage

Last Chinese New Year was our 10th wedding anniversary.  We don’t really celebrate our anniversary but since it’s the 10th year, I thought we should at least do something special for a change.   I told the Hubby right after the New Year that he better plan something that day, because I’m not letting him off the hook this time around.  Well, we ended up in his hometown, in a private resort, swimming in cold water and singing our hearts out at a videoke machine.  And we did it together with the kids and the in-laws.  Love it!

What a Decade of Marriage Taught Me

The other day, as the Hubby was cleaning out some of our drawer, he found my old dairy.  I think it was written around our first year of marriage.  I quickly grab it away from him in case there’s anything he shouldn’t see and scan it myself.  Reading through it, I can’t help but laughed at the silliest things that we fought about back then and how unnecessary long it took us to make up after a fight.  But a decade had passed and so much had changed since then–most, for the better.  Of course, nothing came easy.  It took a lot of hard work and perseverance to make a marriage work no matter how much in love you both are.  If you ask me what a decade of married taught me, I’ll say:

Some things are not worth fighting over.  Truth be told, the Hubby and I had very little things in common.  When we started living together, we found out just how much different we were and yes, we argued a LOT!  But at time goes by, we learned that not every disagreement has to turn into a drama.  Some can and should be let go and every now and then, one has to give in to the other.  Somehow when one started to let go of the little things, there partner follows.  Then you both realized that it wasn’t so bad to give in from time to time. Continue reading Lessons from a 10-Year Marriage