The Big Boy’s Demands

big boyThe Little Guy had been claiming that he’s a big boy now and therefore:

  1. he can do things on his own,bathing, eating, dressing up and using mommy’s art materials for his paper artplanes…
  2. Tete (Big Sister) and friends are not allowed to make him play the baby (bib and all) when playing house.  “I wanna be the big brother!”
  3. he should go to the men’s comfort room, now. “Look mommy, boys goes to the boy sign not the girl sign!
  4. he should be allowed to play outside on his own.  “I need to play with the guys, mom!”
  5. he should be allowed to answer Tete’s Math problems.  “I love Math, mommy!  And I’m better than Tete!”

Mommy said, since you’re a big boy now,

  1. make sure to do your assignment first before playing.  “But can we do multiplication instead of counting?”
  2. you should learn to say what you want without crying.  “OK!  But can I cry when I’m mad?”
  3. you shouldn’t ask mommy to carry you to school.  “But I just want to hug you mommy.  Not carry!”
  4. you should eat your vegetables.  “Yummm!  Vegetables are yummy.  Daddy, have some…you can take mine!”
  5. no fighting with your big sister.  “Ok, but I’m hitting her if she hits me first!”

I’m not gonna think about what will happen when he turns 5 next month.  Hubby, he’s all yours!

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