The Craziest Thing I Ever Did To My Hair

Warning: this is me needing to vent out my hair frustration…

I have done so many crazy things to my hair but I think I just top them all with this new haircut.

I’m not sure if the heat toasted my brain or I got too cope up with all the new things happening around me. But whatever it is, I’m definitely sure I wasn’t in my right mind…

You see, I never, in my entire life, had a short hair. Never! It was always at the very least below my shoulder and can be tied up. But a few weeks ago, I decided I’m tired of my hair. Getting a rebond or straightening my hair is out of the question (TOO EXPENSIVE and I have no patience with maintaining it), so why not get a really,really short hair.

It was a really short haircut, alright. People always say I look exactly like my mom and my sister. But now, I SOOO look like my dad and brothers.

my hairHubby is not making any comments on the hair because he knew it can trigger more craziness from me — maybe shaving my head???

Anyway, the cut was great when I was in the salon and after a few days. But 2 weeks later, it has grown long enough that it’s out of control…not posting any picture of that…just take my word for it.

Now, do I buy all the bandanas I can find or should I have it cut shorter??? I need to google for a solution to this.

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