medicine battle

The Medicine Battle

The Medicine Battle Round 1Both babies are sick since mid last week and after our visit to their doctor last week, they need to take several medicines this week to get well.

Now, it’s a given for the Little Guy to refuse and give me a hard time about taking his medicine. But for the Princess, this is something new. She is often an obedient girl and easy to reason with and drinking her medicine is usually a breeze. But I guess her antibiotic this time is just too bitter, because no amount of treats and threats can make her take it. I even bribe her that I’ll be taking her to the 3-slide (a.k.a.Fun Ranch, which she regards as the most wonderful place in the world for her) as soon as she’s well and NOTHING. It’s still a NO!

The Medicine Battle Round 2After hours of trying to convince her, and her giving me every excuse she can think of, I’ve decided to force it in. It’s like giving medicine to a 1 year old expect you get kicked and punched 5 times harder while you try to firmly hold her without hurting her. It was really exhausting. She was crying so hard after she swallowed the medicine and eventually vomited it. I was left frustrated, exhausted, and in my worst mommy moment to date, just lost my temper. I can’t help but to scold her even though I was feeling sorry for her.

I did my best to get over my anger as soon as I could, knowing that it’s not gonna help nor make her feel better. I KNOW! I shouldn’t have lost it in the first place but I did, so that’s that.

When we finally calm down, I just had to carry my now 17kg little girl and give her a big hug. I was almost in tear as I try to explain to her why mommy had to force her to drink the medicine and saying sorry if I hurt her in any way. She was also fighting her tears as she tells me know that she understands and that she’ll try harder to drink her medicine next time. So much drama for a spoon of medicine…

This morning, I was determined to be more patient. She started to whine a little when she saw me pouring that white liquid in the measuring cup, but I reminded her about our talk last night. I told her to take her time and drink it when she’s ready. So as not to get impatient (I’m talking about myself), I left her alone in the dining room with her medicine. After an hour of waiting (with very little coaxing), she finally drank it on her own. Horay!

“Mommy, we’re going to the 3 slide on Sunday when I get better, right?” was the Princess question while I congratulate her for a job well done.

“Of course, darling! Please get well soon because I miss this big smile.”


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