Ki at 7

The Princess is Now Seven

Wow!  The Princess is now seven years old and she’s growing more and more into a lady…something her daddy wishes not to happen just yet.  I, on the other hand is enjoying the fact that I can take her anywhere like my girlfriend.  Given that we still can’t have a night out and cocktails, but at least I have a shopping buddy.  She even enjoy going to the salon with mommy.

Just like the previous years, we spent her birthday with just the family jumping around at Fun Ranch.  I thought she’ll ask for a party this year since all her friends were throwing one, but she firmly declares that she’s going to play at the Fun Ranch instead of having a party.

Still thki at sevene little shy girl

Yup, she’s still that shy little girl that’s always behind mommy.  But I think her shyness is more of a strength now than before.  Because she’s always calm and observant, she’s quick to notice if someone needs help and she’s not at all shy to lending a hand.  She may not be the first to volunteer on games and activities but she’s always wiling to try and she’s serious about winning.  Her teachers also adore her since she doesn’t run around during class than most of her classmate and she always helps clean the room after class.  If she’s not cleaning the classroom, she’s in the library quietly reading or coloring books.

When can I

There are a lot of things that the Princess likes to try, especially if mommy does them.  She would always ask, “Mom, when can I put paint on my nails?” or “How old can girls wear make-up?”   Of course, my immediate answer is not until your 18, which will probably won’t happen since I myself started at 14. LOL!  At any rate, she seems so eager to get even older so she can do things big girls can.

Daddy’s girl

She’s the first child and a girl, so naturally she’s Daddy’s Princess.  While the Daddy and the Little Guy always have something to fight about, the Princess is always on Daddy’s side.  And yes, if Daddy permits, she prefer him to come with her on trips than Mommy.  Do I sound jealous?  On family trips, she usually sits next to Daddy, while I’m stuck at the back sit with the sleeping Little Guy.  And yes, they are always together in front of the TV on the weekends.

Little Pandora

I think I should start calling her Pandora.  As shy as she may be, her curiosity about things is just too much.  There’s always something she wants to try and since she’s a bit shy to take charge on her own, mommy has to do it with her.  Well, if I’m lucky, the Little Guy goes with her and if I’m super lucky, the Hubby is there to the rescue.  One time, she went on her own at the back of her paternal grandparents’ house just to see their little bee farm.  Of course, I had to run after her to make sure she doesn’t get stung and all she said was, “Mom, you have to take a picture of me with the bees!”  I’ve been married to her dad for almost 10 years and I’ve never gone near that place, and there she is posing for the camera…

Is she like mommy?

There’s a lot of things that I remember as a 7 year old girl and I can’t help to wonder if she is going through the same things I did back then.  Should I let her play outside like I did when I was that age?  Is she having trouble with her reading like I did?  How can I help she so she won’t have the same problems I had then?  Am I raising her well?

I know, I’m probably worrying more than I should…but hey, my Little Princess is growing way too fast for me!

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