Haler Baler!!!

So it’s been a while and I honestly am not sure where to pick up the writing.  2014 sure was a great year for us but instead of giving you a detailed account of what kept me away from this blog, I’ve decided to share one of our most memorable trips of 2014 – Baler, Aurora.

It’s was mid-September of last year when we made our farthest trip to-date to Baler, Aurora.  Baler is the capitol town of Aurora and is one of the top destination for surfing enthusiast.  You can also tour the many historical places around town and some natural sites.  Read more about Baler here.

The trip took about 6 hours from Manila and it was really bumpy. The fact that  there was a storm coming in also made the trip a bit windy and cold.  Well, it’s out first time to go to the beach together since the Little Guy was born, so we don’t really care about the weather.  No, just kidding.  We did check the weather and it seems that even though there will a bit of rain, it was still safe to travel.  And it’ll be gone by the time we head back home.

First Stop: Dicasalarin Cove

We arrived in town on time for breakfast and soon heads off to our first destination, Dicasalarin Cove The cove is owned by the Angaras and showcase attractions such as a mini-complex with Ifugao inspired guest houses, a river delta where river meets the shallow parts of the ocean, a scalable cliff that has a lighthouse on top and an Artists’ Village that is set to showcase different artifacts, artwork, and antiques.

It was raining when we arrived, so we decided to rest at the Ifugao complex first before heading to the Artist’s Village.


Artist Village

When the weather ease up, we head to the cove for a nice walk by the beach.  It was the first time for the kids to see the beach and sand, so we were all excited.

Dicasalarin Cove Baler

The kids and I decided to play on the sand while Hubby and friends climb the cliff to the lighthouse.

Lighthouse Dicasalarin Cove

When Hubby and company returned, it was already time for lunch, so we head back to town to eat and check into our hotel.

Sabang Beach

We only need a few hours to refresh and off we go to Sabang Beach for the main reason we came this far – SURFING!  We were all beginners, so our guide recommended Sabang beach.  For the advance surfer, Cemento’s Cobra Reef is the place to go.

surfing in baler

surfing in baler

My dad told me that the storm is in full swing in Manila that day, but in Baler the weather was nice enough to catch the wave.  The waves up, the sun is hiding behind the clouds, and you can see the heavy clouds break apart as it hits the mountain ranges from afar.  Even the kids enjoy their sand castles and body surfing (sort of).

kids in sabang beach

kids in sabang beach

By day 2, we all agreed that we’re not interested on the historical tour that comes with our package.  Maybe next time when we have more days to spare here.  We were planning to head to Ditumabo Falls but because of the continuous rain shower, the area was closed for  visitors.  Instead, we opt for a closer and smaller fall nearby.  Sorry, I can’t seems to recall the name…lol!


The water was really cold, so it was hard to stay in the water for a long period of time.  Luckily, we had so much food with us that we didn’t miss swimming at all.  Our guide connected us with a local cook who prepared a lot of Baler’s specialty dishes for us.  It was a feast!

Pasalubong Center

Of course, the trip has to end with a little bit of shopping and the best place to go would be the Pasalubong Center where local products and souvenir items are all in one place.

The Making of a Surfing Dude

At the end of our 2 day trip, we all agree to come back as soon as possible.  Hubby got hooked in surfing and had been looking non-stop for nearby places we can go and surf.  The kids are just as excited and are even doing some virtual swimming and surfing practices.  Looks like we’re gonna have another fun summer this year.  And we need a lot of sunscreen lotion. lol!

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