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We Left the Big City

Yes, we finally did it. We left the crowded life of Manila and are now enjoying the cooler and more peaceful life here in Cavite. Technically speaking, this place is also a city but it’s so much nicer here and cooler compare to the big city. I keep saying cooler because believe me, right now in the middle of summer, Manila is scourging HOT! Even just blinking can make you sweat…and no I’m not exaggerating.

The original plan was to wait for our house (we bought our first property just recently) to be completed before moving, but our living situation in Manila hasn’t been that great for a long time that we decided we can’t wait any longer. After a lot of thinking, we decided it would be better to move now and get settled. The upside is it would be a lot easier for us to check on the house from time to time, and the kids get to settle in a new school while they are still young and not too attached to their current school and of course, their friends.

The new house we’re renting is just a few blocks away from my sister-in-law. Something that the kids really like since they get to play with their cousins everyday, instead of once in a blue moon. It’s so fascinating how close they’ve become overnight.

Another reason why the kids like (or should I say love) the new house is the playgrounds (yup, more than one of them) nearby that they can go to often and with little resistance from mom.  Back in Manila, they are not allowed to go out and when, on rare occassion, I do let them play outside, they are only allowed for a few hours and only if their grandma is available to watch over them.

As for me, I love that we finally get to live in our own house with just the four of us instead of sharing one with 15 other people.   Although I love my parents and enjoy time with my siblings, living with your other extended family in a big house can be tiring.  I’m well aware of the pros and cons of living with them in the same house when we move in a couple of years ago.  Back then things seems to be a win-win for everyone, so we moved in.  But the time has come to move out and live on our own and so we bid them goodbye.

Of course, my mom and dad were sad that their grandchildren will be living so far away from them.  They have always been there since day 1 and the kids adore them. But they understand our concerns and respected our decision.  Maybe someday, they’ll decide to move closer here.  I think my dad would love it here – he can plant all he wants here.

Because I’m working from home, moving in a new house is not so much of a problem for me. Hubby, on the other hand, needs to make a lot of adjustments and sacrifices. Something he’s willing to do for us if it would mean having a better life. Now, he has to commute from here to QC to work.

The good news is, his boss agreed that he only needs to come once or twice a week or as needed and the rest of the week, he can just work from home.

The bad news is it’s too expensive to bring the car and it takes too long to commute.  It’s only been his second time but I could see how tired he is.  I hope he get use to this faster…

Despite Hubby being tired and me making things work around the house with our limited resources, everything’s great.  I have to say this is so much of an upgrade to our previous home. In Manila, grandma’s house is big, but we only have a small space to call our own, plus we all have to share the kitchen and bathroom.  Here, I get to do what I want around the house, I have my own kitchen where I can cook all I want and a nice bathroom that I can use whenever. Oh, there’s also a backyard where I can finally start my small vegetable garden.  I can’t wait to get started on that.

The fact that it’s located in an exclusive subdivision also makes the places so much safer for the kids to play outside.  My dad called the other night to check in on us and the first thing that the Little Guy said was, “Papa, I’m loving this new house!”

We’ve only been here for a week and none of us seem to missed our old place. There are still a lot of things to unpack and so much more to do like having the kids take some tests in their new schools, but for some reasons, everyone’s optimistic and can only see good things.  I do hope this new found happiness last. 

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