Weekend Get Away at Tagaytay

We originally planned to just go south to attend a close friend’s wedding with a short pit stop at my in-laws. But as faith would have it, we ended up arriving a day early and extending our stay a day after.


The wedding venue was just magnificent. The room that we stayed-in while getting ready for the wedding has a great view of the famous Taal Lake. I really wanted to take a lot of picture but with a flower girl that keeps running around and the Little Guy who a bit under the weather, I just don’t have enough hand to do things. Lol!

tagaytay002Well, at least the Princess do have a lot of pictures from the wedding, since she’s one of the flower girls. We just have to wait though until the event photographer send them to us. The only picture I can show off for now is this one taken during the ceremony by another friends. She’s just too cute and I’m really proud that she actually smiled all throughout the wedding.

As for the Little Guy, I can’t really say that his a total angel — he took off his Barong during the ceremonies, and started a tantrum with just his diaper on before the couple said I do, so we spent most of the time away from the crown.  The cold weather must have gotten into him because when the reception came, he was running a slight fever.  But all in all, we did survived. LOL!

We decided to stay for 1 more day at my in-laws house to give the kids a chance to tour of their grandparent’s house. We rarely stay this long here, but the kids are delighted to explore the place especially with all the plants and animals around.  Of course grandpa and grandma are just as happy to have their grandchildren around.

Here’s a few things that caught the kids attention:

The resident dog


He’s actually my sister-in-law’s dog but was sent here to watch over the house.

My mother-in-law’s cactus plants.


The Princess calls this the needle plant because of it’s needles.  It’s her first time seeing it and she keeps asking where the leaves are.

newly dried coffee beans…



The Princess thought that the sacks have garbage in them and was wondering why her grandparents are keeping them in and out the house.  Hubby just laugh as he explain it to our daughter.  If those were really garbage, they are about 25,000 php (approx. $600) worth of it.

Cherry tomatoes anyone?



In the city you have to spent a lot for a few grams of this…But here, you can pick it up on the ground whenever and pop some in your mouth.

It was a fun weekend all together and I’m really wishing we can extend it for another week. No, I’m going to make it my goal to take another long break this summer together with Hubby and the kids!

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