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Yup, I’m starting over with this new blog.  I decided to discontinue my hosting subscription and just close my old one, Pinay Mom at Work.  I’ve neglected it for a long time already, and instead of wasting money on it, it was better to just close the site.

I  was initially planning to use free hosting to create a new blog, but luckily, Ms. M was kind enough to cover my hosting.  And so is born.  Thank you, Ms. M!  Now, let’s begin our new adventure.

Nanay Gin's Blog

BTW, any post dated before this post are memoirs (more like copy-paste) from my old sites.  Although, I made a resolution to start all over again, some posts are just hard to let go so yes, I have to include them here.

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Nanay Gin is a mom of 2, a loving yet crazy wife, wannabe writer, lazy crafter and deprived cook. After quitting her day job to take care of her kids, she now work for an SEO firm - managing websites content, monitoring social channels, and doing online research.