We’ll Do It From Home This Time

It’s decided.  I’m going to try to do it from home – making a living.  And this time it’s for real.  No more applying for an office job for the moment.  Well, according to the Hubby, I have 3 months to try and work out something online.  If I can earn at least half of what I use to earn then we’ll be okay.

To save up some money, we’re also moving to my granny’s house.  My parents live there together with my paternal aunt and grandpa.  My aunt is more than happy to take us in and we can just help with the house expenses which is a lot cheaper than renting an apartment.  It’s a big house so it’s definitely not gonna be crowded.

I guess we have a lot of changes about to happen this 2012.  Now, we just need to make those changes into something positive.  I’m getting rid of all my hesitation, and will be doing my best to get this home-based gig work.  My life-long friends have been giving me their support and it’s giving me the encouragement I need.  Of course, the Hubby is also silently working his hardest so there’s really no reason for me not to do the same.

Immediate goal

  • Build my contacts and freelance gig.
  • Earn $200 a month by the end of the quarter and build from there.

Long term goal

  • Launch my online store


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Nanay Gin

Nanay Gin is a mom of 2, a loving yet crazy wife, wannabe writer, lazy crafter and deprived cook. After quitting her day job to take care of her kids, she now work for an SEO firm - managing websites content, monitoring social channels, and doing online research.