We’re Moving

Aside from the new job (that I’m loving more and more), we’re also going to be busy moving everyone in our new home.

The house is actually my paternal grandparent’s, built to accommodate all their children and their future families. My grandma’s wish in life was to keep all her family close to her so she built her fortune and bought a lot big enough to accommodate us all – her siblings plus her kids.  All her kids did stay and had their own houses within the compound but most eventually move away.  Well, my dad only move a few blocks away and only because of his business, so it wasn’t that far.

As for the next generation, only my brother and I move to another city.  Everyone else still hang around there.  Even though they have their own units to stay, many sleeps over at my grandma’s house.  Anyway, my grandma died before I got married and a few years after, my parents decided to move back to her house together with my younger siblings to help my aunt to care for the house and my granddad.  Now, with our addition, it’s gonna be a full house.

We’ll be staying at the 3rd floor – the rooftop and it’ll like a separate house altogether. My mom and dad use to stay there but really wanted us to join them, so they willingly move to one of the second floor rooms. Anyway, there’s still a lot of work to do with the house (room) before we can move. I’ve just taken some photos and have been looking for some inspiration for the renovations Here’s a peek into the new place. Still messy since my dad was moving their things when I came.  LOL.



Judging from the picture, you can see that my dad is not much of an electrician.  He just hanged this bulb instead of fixing the original light fixtures…It’s gonna a big work for the Hubby to have all the electrical wiring replaced and working again.
The room is still a mess so I took a picture of the entrance.
There are a lot of built-in furniture in here like this shelving.  Below that is a tv/book open cabinet.  There’s also a built-in closet in the bedroom so that’s great…
Built-in furnitures
reno work is filling up, right?  But I’m loving the idea of redesigning the place.
Here’s the outdoor part of the rooftop.  My dad turned this into his own garden/laundry area/dirty kitchen.  Most of the plants will be move to the second floor terrace which is also this spacious.
Should I start my own garden too?
So you see, it’ll be a busy couple of weekend for us with the renovation and then moving.  Good thing this is just a block away from our current apartment, so the moving part will not be that hard.  Well, moving from a 4th floor apartment to the rooftop will probably have it challenges…haha!  But now it’s time to get back with finding more ideas for the place…

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