Princess Ki’s Grade 1 Progress

Last Friday was the Princess’ last day of school. They had a farewell party, and classroom recognition where almost everyone were given an award for a job well done. While chatting with Ki’s teacher and other parents, I found out that one of the student stopped going to school because he dropped one place in the Honor’s List. Apparently, the boy’s parents weren’t happy about it, and after talking to the teacher, decided not to let the kid attend the remaining days of school to express their disappointment. Well, it’s not unusual to hear parents complaining about their kids ranking, but this is the first time that I heard of someone actually stopping their kids from attending school as a protest to a ranking result. Technically speaking, the boy already completed the whole year, so missing the final week wouldn’t really matter. But it makes me wonder how this would affect that boy? I mean, really? WHY? Was making it to the top of the class that important at such age and grade level? Isn’t there a better way to express their dissatisfaction?

For me and the Hubby, being part of the top 10 is not really that important. Right now, as long as she understands her lessons and is keeping up with everybody, then she’s doing just fine. If she did make it to the top, then that’s just an added bonus.

More than the academic achievement, we want to focus more on building her character and self-esteem. I also wanted her to discover the joy in learning – to have that curiosity to find out about things around her and enjoy the process of discovery. When that happens nobody would need to force her to study. At least that’s the case for me.

When Ki started grade school, our goal were simple – academic-wise, we wanted to focus on reading and comprehension of both English and Filipino language, then the rest were on self-improvement such as building self-confidence, learn to be independent, being responsible and making friends.

I think we managed to reach all our goals. Her reading has improved tremendously though we still need to work on building her vocabulary. She is still the shy little girl that likes to stay close to mommy, but I’m happy that she can now cope on her own when she has to and she knows when to ask help from the people around her. Though she hesitate sometimes, she still manages to try a lot of things that she used to be too afraid to try. She is also relating well with her classmates and had finally opened up to her teachers. She’s such a big girl, now!

Now, let’s enjoy a well deserve summer vacation!

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