What Should We Do This Summer?

Finding summer activities for the kids is something I always do around early March.  Taking notes of some of the kids’ interests, I would read through several blog posts on available workshops and classes and see if there’s anything they can join in. You can check out some activities here and here.  As for us, well, we usually end up doing our own thing.

As much I love for them to go out there and join in on some great workshops and clinics, nothing seems to catch out eyes or our passion.  Of course, some might think that I should be taking the initiative but not signing up for any class doesn’t mean we’ll be wasting the summer away.

Why stay home?

It’s been a very tiring school year for the kids and right now the only thing they have in their little minds in to stay home and relax.  Dragging them out of the house for any summer classes even if it’s recreational will just be counter-productive.  Right now, I’m just letting the kids chill.  But it doesn’t mean that they’ll be allowed to turn into couch potatoes for the next 2 months.

What should we do this summer?

If the kids will have their ways, summer will be all day of gadgets, television, and maybe biking around the neighborhood in the afternoon.  Then once a week, we’ll go with Hubby to his office and play at the nearby arcade.  Of course, occasionally, we would go swimming and if it gets too boring to stay home, we would just drive around wherever.

Like I said, gadgets and television are fine for the next couple of days.  But they have to follow some schedules if they want to keep their gadgets and TV rights.

So, what are we really doing this summer?

I’ve ask the kids if they have anything they want to do in particular this summer.  K wanted to do art and voice lesson.  T wants to learn coding.  Mommy wants them to improve their Tagalog and continue with their instruments.  And Hubby wants them to do whatever they like and some sports.

We all have different things in mind, but we all agree that they’ll like to do all this things at home and not in any class.  Translation: Mommy needs to do some research on how the kids will learn all these things at home.

As it turns out, I don’t really need to do much.  T is set on using the lessons that he found in Khan Academy for his coding.  He loves this site and had been trying out a lot of the lessons there including Math and Science.  That’s one less worry for me.  He’s also trying to learn to play the guitar while his piano is out of service.  He already found some materials online and had just informed me that we can play two chords already after just 1 hour.  If it gets hard, Hubby can always teach him how to play.

For K, I’ve found a series of voice lesson in Youtube for her to watch.  My daughter likes it better when I do things with her, so we’ll be watching the videos together and trying out the activities.  For drawing, she just needs lots of paper, pencil, coloring materials and time.  I’ve asked her if she wants to sign up for a class but she’s adamant that she want to do it on her own…with a little help from mommy.  My pencil is a little rusty but I’m up for the challenge.

The only thing I need to figure out now is the Tagalog lessons and the sports part.  I gave both kids some exercises earlier to figure out how much they know in Filipino and it’s not as bad as I thought.  They just need more exposure to the language.  I use to think that going to school would be enough for them to be proficient in Tagalog.  That interacting with their classmates would be enough exposure to the language.  Unfortunately, most of their classmates would either avoid talking to them or would talk to them in English.  No luck there.  A lot of moms in school keep telling me that their kids are speaking better English talking to my kids…haha!  How I wish it’s the same the other way around.  Oh well, I need to figure this one out soon.

Overall, we want to keep things light for the summer.  Depending on how well they would keep up in their new found interest, I might add some activities here and there.  Or maybe they’ll find something on their own.  Whatever the case, we all just want to have fun!

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